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Justen Overlander - briber

Here’s what I’ve bribed others into saying about me...

"I know I can always count on Justen to deliver a strong audition. He's always easy to direct and a pleasure to work with."

-- Lynn Steele

Steele Casting

“Justen offered keen insights into one of my earlier drafts of my feature length script, and I deeply appreciated his knowledge of screenwriting. He encouraged me in my work and for that I am grateful!”

-- Cynthia Uhrich

Screenwriter, Actress

"I loved working with Justen and hope to work with him many more times in the future! He is funny, supportive and encouraging of fellow actors and very professional, which makes for a great environment on any set! Justen continues to inspire and motivate me in my acting and writing through his dedication to his craft.”

-- Anna Klemp Martin


Working with Justen is an experience. He's a top-flight director, knows what he wants, how to set and frame the shot, and inspires an actor to do what is needed for maximum comedic need. His writing is absolutely hilarious. It is not just words and gags, but slow burns and twists and pauses and the raising of an eyebrow to maximum effect. As an actor, he can be leading man gorgeous and debonair as well as pratfall funny. A professional, respectful and fun guy to work with!

-- Joel Thingvall

Actor, Playwright, Gentleman Clown

"Amazing, accommodating, professional, lovable, hug-able, enjoyable, sensational, personable."

-- Peggy Steinmetz Koehler

Mother of actress Caliea

“As an actor, Justen is a joy to watch. He pays such close attention to any scene he's in that he's able to add innumerable subtle yet hilarious off-script comic moments. Even when he's not speaking or the focus of the scene, he's contributing enormously to the action, the story, and his character. He's an actor other actors can trust to support them in any scene, which is itself a blessing.”

-- Sid Korpi

Actress, Author

“I recommend Justen with the highest regard for his talents and character."

-- Therese Sonsalla

Mother of actors Jake and Bella

“What I particularly appreciate about Justen as an actor is his noteworthy combination of egoless collegiality, passionate commitment to his craft,  flexible acceptance of direction, cheerfulness, and deadly earnestness about the role he is handling.”

-- Alex Gutterman


“What I really appreciate is your dedication, your willingness to think outside the box, to consider other viewpoints and to take chances. You've also dipped your toes in many different pools, both in front of and behind the camera (oh and that nasty hotel swimming hole, but we won't talk about that). Acting, directing, composing, editing and writing, to name a few, is commendable and all in all will continue to enhance your future projects and life in general.

-- Emily Fradenburgh


Justen is a diligent writer with a clear, distinct voice. His scripts are thoughtful, well-developed and wrought with emotion. A true student of the craft, I have no doubt his star will continue to rise."

-- Mark Golik


“Working with Justen means that you are guaranteed an actor that will show up on time, ready to work, and each character he plays comes to life and steals the show.”

-- Eric Lee


“Justen, can we borrow your gear?”

-- Streckfus Entertainment

Production Company

“Justen is a very artistic director and has a great vision. He is very cooperative with all involved and an absolute pleasure to work with.

-- Joseph Castanon

Actor, Singer/Songwriter

“I loved working with you! It was a pleasure to be a part of your creative process.

-- Chari Eckmann


“You’re amazing.”

-- Angela Hauk


“Great kisser.”

-- Tristin Rupp


“Who’s Tristin Rupp??”

-- Kristin Overlander


“I would NEVER say no to working with Justen... unless no means yes.”

-- Tiffany Ogle

Host, Actress

“Driven and ambitious!”

-- Deanna Ochoa

Mother of the Ochoa Boyz

"I've worked with Justen on numerous projects and all I can is that I would work with him in the future and would want to be as he is with his cast and crew - friendly, caring, considerate - except the one time he brought a sausage pizza to set knowing I didn't eat pork; however he made up for quickly"

-- Boima Freeman